U.S. President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly urged Americans to wear protective masks, was caught in a store without it. This is reported by Fox News.

On Saturday, November 27, the head of the White House visited the Murray’s Toggery store on Nantucket Island. The American leader lowered the personal protective equipment on his chin, despite the sign on the window, which instructs visitors to wear a mask on their face so that it covers their mouth and nose.

The authorities of Nantucket, where the U.S. president is currently spending the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, at the beginning of the month restored the requirement for the mandatory wearing of masks.

Earlier, the Politico newspaper, citing officials, reported that the U.S. authorities are preparing for new outbreaks of coronavirus due to the discovery of a new omicron strain and are developing plans for this case. Despite the fact that no cases of infection with the new variety have been detected in the United States, the presidential administration, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Ministry of Health and Social Services held a number of meetings to plan for the occurrence of foci of infection.