American aircraft Corporation Boeing should reduce the “potential risk,” which was recently discovered by the Federal aviation administration (FAA). The ban on the operation of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will be canceled when it is considered safe, according to a statement published on the FAA website.

This may be a new problem in the Boeing 737 MAX software, identified by FAA pilots during tests using the flight simulator, citing unnamed informed sources. According to these data, the pilots had difficulties with controlling the aircraft after switching on the pitch maneuvering system (MCAS).

Earlier it was reported that the cause of the crash of two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia were shortcomings in the MCAS system. Boeing is now working to improve it.

In October 2018, shortly after takeoff crashed Boeing 737 MAX Indonesian budget airline Lion Air. On March 10, 2019, soon after departure from Addis Ababa airport, a similar aircraft of Ethiopian Airlines crashed. In both cases, experts note a violation of the trajectory and speed of climb, followed by an uncontrolled fall of the aircraft. As a result of the crash killed 346 people.

A preliminary report on the plane crash in Ethiopia showed that the pilots followed all the instructions of the manufacturer, but this did not prevent the accident. Most of the world, including the United States, banned the operation of Boeing 737 MAX before the investigation.