For many of the 20 candidates, the debate in Detroit will be the last chance to leave their mark.

LOS ANGELES – Presidential Candidates from the Democratic Party this week will try to break away from opponents during a presidential debate in Detroit, divided into two days, each of which will be attended by 10 candidates.

The flagships of progressive ideology Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will take the stage on Tuesday and the favorite of the race Joe Biden – on Wednesday.

Former Vice President Biden, who has a clear but declining preponderance in the polls, met with African American human rights organizations last week, along with several other candidates.

The media is still actively discussing the comments of President Donald trump about four non-white congresswomen. Democrats called the President a racist.

The racial issue became relevant in the struggle between the Democrats when Senator from California Kamala Harris began to ask Biden uncomfortable questions on this topic during the June debate in Miami, broadcast by NBC News.

University of Michigan analyst Aaron Call predicts new scandalous situations.

“This debate may be the last chance to leave its mark for many of these 20 candidates, – he said. – And the best way to do that is to get into a fight with the leaders, be aggressive, and attack them.”

Biden also criticized for the fact that in 1994 he supported a hard act to combat crime, which, according to Harris, have led to mass arrests of minorities.

The lagging Senator from the state of New Jersey, Cory Booker, made similar accusations against Biden and can now return to this topic.
Other analysts note that voters are more interested in economic topics.

“I think they need to focus on such issues as health, educational policy, or the creation of jobs,” – said Michael Traugott from the University of Michigan.

The Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, in most polls the second place, desperately trying to maintain separation from other progressive politicians – Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren.

“We need an election campaign that gives the American people a surge of energy and enthusiasm,” he said.

The debate gives candidates a chance to reach out directly to voters, which they will also do in the coming months during local events.