WASHINGTON – The head of the Ministry of Finance of the USA Steven Mnuchin does not violate US law by refusing to give Congress the tax Declaration of President Donald Trump. This opinion was expressed by the US Department of justice in a legal opinion circulated on Friday, sent to the Ministry of Finance.

“Despite the fact that the Executive branch should treat with due respect and respect the requests of Congress, the US Treasury Department was not obliged to accept without objection the stated purpose of the Committee, and given all the facts and circumstances. We agree that the Committee did not have a legitimate legislative purpose for such a request,” the document says.

Earlier, Mnuchin refused to provide Democrats in the House of Representatives of Congress with trump’s tax returns. He argued this decision “the lack of a legitimate legislative purpose.”

President’s tax returns

The chairmen of several committees of the House of Representatives previously demanded to provide tax returns of Trump in recent years. The claims were addressed to the company Mazars, checking and preparing financial statements of the head of state and private enterprises of his family members.
Trump, in turn, previously noted that he does not intend to provide his tax returns. He assured that in respect of owned companies still carry out inspections by regulatory bodies. According to the President, in this regard, it is undesirable to publish information about tax deductions.

At the same time, during the election campaign of 2016, the Republican announced his intention to publish tax returns but did not do so. Then trump also explained this by checks in relation to his business. In May 2017, in an interview, he said that he might publish his tax returns only after he left the post of President.