The militants may establish control over most of the country’s territory in the future, CNN informed.

American intelligence services believe that the militants of the radical Taliban movement are increasing the pace of offensive operations in Afghanistan. This was reported by CNN.

His source in the US Congress, who got acquainted with the latest intelligence data, noted that the Taliban offensive is accelerating. According to the above estimates, this means that the “threat is growing” for Kabul. At the same time, there is no imminent danger of capturing the Afghan capital at the moment. One of the reasons for this is the continued ability of the Americans to launch airstrikes against the Taliban.

According to sources, US intelligence believes that the militants in the future can establish control over most of the country’s territory and block import supplies for the Afghan authorities. The security situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating faster than expected, according to the report.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced on April 14 that he had decided to curtail the operation in Afghanistan, which became the longest foreign military campaign in American history. The United States started this war in October 2001. The withdrawal of American troops started in May. The White House expects that it will be completed by the end of August.