Republican Senator from Texas Ted Cruz commented on the criticism of the media in his address related to his departure to the resort amid the state of emergency in the state.

As previously reported by the media, the senator went on vacation to Mexico with his daughters while natural disasters were playing out in Texas. Cruz himself later said the trip was a big mistake.

On the air of the Fox News channel, the senator noted that the media do not know what to do after President Donald Trump’s departure, whom they attacked earlier.

“I think the media is suffering after Trump’s departure; for four years, they have been attacking Trump every day. They don’t know what to do, so they talk so much about me taking my daughters to the sea,”

Cruz said.

Last week in some regions of the United States came abnormal cold, accompanied by heavy snowfall. In particular, in Texas, the bad weather left thousands of people without electricity and water, provoked food queues, rising gasoline prices, and many other inconveniences for millions of people. US President Joe Biden has declared a state of natural disaster in Texas.