US military personnel will be checked on social networks for a tendency to extremism

According to the Fox channel, the program will continuously track military publications in social networks by keywords.

The US Department of Defense will check the pages of military personnel on social networks for their possible propensity to extremism. Fox News, citing an internal Pentagon document, reported this.

According to the TV channel, the US Department of Defense is preparing to launch a corresponding program through the mediation of private companies. It is expected that the system will continuously track military posts on social networks by keywords. Fox News clarifies that the development of the relevant program is under the control of a senior adviser to the head of the Pentagon, Bishop Garrison.

In early April, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued orders to combat extremist views and sentiments in the ranks of the US Armed Forces and to form a working group that will deal with relevant activities. According to the Pentagon press service, the memorandum signed by Austin provides for increased work to identify potential recruitment of “military personnel by extremist groups.” In addition, all types of the US Armed Forces will now request “specific information” from military personnel regarding “extremist behavior”, including in the past. Demonstrators in support of the previous head of the Washington administration, Donald Trump, made these decisions of the head of the US military department in the light of the illegal invasion of the US Congress on January 6. Later it turned out that among the participants in the invasion of the Capitol and sympathizers were many American military personnel and military veterans.

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