US Congressman, the Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell criticized the intention of US President Donald Trump to withdraw the military from Syria, calling this step a strategic mistake.

According to the Senator, the withdrawal of troops from Syria will put the security of the American people and the United States at risk, as well as “embolden enemies and weaken important alliances.” The corresponding material is published on the website of the newspaper the Washington Post.

According to McConnell, such decisions, in particular, the withdrawal of the military from Afghanistan and Iraq, have entailed grave consequences, including “laying the groundwork for the September 11 attack” and “the prosperity of the Islamic State in Iraq.”

“American wars will remain “endless” only if the US refuses to win them, ” the politician said.

Earlier, Trump announced the readiness of the United States to “get out of endless wars” and withdraw American troops from Syria.

After that, a senior us administration official said that the US is not withdrawing all its troops from the SAR, but is moving troops who are in the North of the country.