The US Supreme Court on Monday, January 27, approved the tightening of migration rules prepared by the administration of President Donald Trump. Thus, it will be more difficult for legal migrants receiving social assistance in the United States to obtain permission to stay in the country permanently (the so-called green card).

The White House welcomed the position of the court, highlighting its positive impact on “American taxpayers, workers, and the constitution.” Innovations can affect about 22 million non-US citizens legally resident in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security in August 2019 submitted a draft resolution on individuals held by the state. In the same month, several US states sued the presidential administration due to the upcoming tightening of migration rules. The plaintiffs considered that these proposed innovations violate the constitution and discriminate against migrants with a skin color other than white. In October, federal judges in three states banned officials from denying green cards to legal migrants.

Donald Trump has made the fight against illegal immigration one of the main topics of his election campaign and continued this line as the head of the White House.