Readers of the Daily Mail criticized the content of the meeting between US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House.

Both leaders said at the talks on July 14 that the only provision on which the positions of the United States and Germany coincide is that the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline should not deprive Ukraine of gas transit. The US President and the German Chancellor also discussed other topics.

A user with the nickname Be Bold spoke unfavorably about the participants of the meeting.

“This aunt has destroyed Europe like no other since 1945, and now she is meeting with the most hopeless president in history, who is busy trying to destroy America as quickly as possible,” the user wrote, adding that he was tired of the globalists with their “vile plans.”

In turn, Alfred Hill called the US president and the German Chancellor “traitors”, as they “opened the borders to wash away historical guilt.”

A Freightload reader wondered whether Angela Merkel would be given the Nobel Prize for “letting a million migrants into Germany”, especially against the background of the fact that former US President Barack Obama presented the German politician with the “freedom prize”.

The Justposting user noted that Donald Trump put the United States in the first place, while “senile Joe” is “a clumsy and stumbling fool and an evil occupier who also puts America last.”