Fraudsters stole $35 million from the bank using the deepfake voice of its head.

In early 2020, the bank manager received a call from a person who introduced himself as the director of the company and said that he needed to conduct one transaction, so the bank must make several transactions worth $ 35 million.

The scammers used fake emails from the company and its lawyer to convince the manager that the business was in the process of closing a major deal. As a result, he trusted the cybercriminals and conducted several large transactions.

After it turned out that the amount went to unknown accounts. Law enforcement agencies began to investigate the case and found out that the scammers used deepfake technology to clone the speech of the bank’s director.

Law enforcement officials believe it was an elaborate scheme involving at least 17 people who sent the stolen money to bank accounts around the world. Two of them were opened in the American Centennial Bank, so the UAE law enforcement agencies asked for help from US law enforcement officers.

Prior to that, the most notorious case of fraud and the use of a voice deepfake was the theft of $240 thousand: the attackers pretended to be the CEO of a British energy company.