The “nomination” was announced by Merriam-Webster, which publishes the famous Webster’s Dictionary of the English language.

The world-famous American company Merriam-Webster, which publishes popular dictionaries and reference books, announced that the main word of 2021 was the word “vaccine.”  It replaced the word “pandemic,” which was recognized as the word of the year 2020.

“This word,” Merriam–Webster editor-in-chief Peter Sokolowski said in an interview with the Associated Press, “appeared extremely high in our data literally every day of 2021. Moreover, it conveys two themes: one is the topic of science, whose figures have developed vaccines with amazing speed; the other topic is the debate about [vaccination] programs, politics, and political affiliation. And both of these topics are huge.”

It is also reported that on the Merriam-Webster website, the number of data searches for the word “vaccine” has increased by 600 percent compared to last year.

The actual use of the term “vaccine” – at least in English – dates back to the 1880s, but some of its uses were known before that. It is believed that it came from the Latin vaccina, which, in turn, was formed from the word vaccinus, meaning “originating from a cow.”

It is also interesting that another popular publication – the Great Oxford English Dictionary – recognized the slang form of the word “vaccine” as the word of the year: vax.