In April of this year, Wolfire Games (Overgrowth, Receiver) filed an antitrust lawsuit against Valve. The studio claims the company is using its dominant position in the PC market to exploit publishers and consumers.

Valve is now asking the court to dismiss Wolfire Games’ claim because the studio was unable to provide evidence of antitrust violations.

Valve believes Wolfire Games has not provided proof that the 30% commission is above competitive levels. The company said the market has not changed in a way that justifies abandoning 30%, a standard it has set itself.

Another complaint Wolfire Games has against Valve is the policy that does not allow publishers to sell Steam keys for less on other platforms. Because of this, other stores are supposedly unable to compete with Steam.

“Plaintiffs allege that Valve’s rules violate antitrust laws because they are asking developers who want to take advantage of the power and popularity of Steam for free to treat Steam customers fairly by charging the same prices for games on Steam as for the games they sell. elsewhere using Steam keys.

The plaintiffs argue that this request is anticompetitive. But Valve is not obligated under antitrust laws to allow developers to use free Steam keys to lower the prices of the games they sell on Steam, or provide Steam keys at all. ”Valve said.

Valve argues that the desire to provide our customers with the best prices does not harm competition – that is competition. The company asked the court to grant its motion and dismiss Wolfire Games’ claims.