Amsterdam-based company VanMoof, known primarily for its electric bicycles and accessories, has unveiled a new product. This is VanMoof V, and the manufacturer stresses that it is the fastest e-bike in the world.

VanMoof V is much faster than any other electric bike. The top speed reaches 37 mph or 60 km / h. By comparison, the current top speed of e-bikes is limited to 25 mph in Europe and 20 mph in the United States.

With the VanMoof V, the manufacturer says it challenges lawmakers and city officials to raise awareness and redefine outdated regulations on e-bikes in cities, where cars continue to have great advantages over other modes of transportation.

At the heart of the VanMoof V is a sturdy aluminum alloy frame. The bike is driven by two electric motors with a total capacity of 1 kilowatt, which are located in the center of the front and rear wheels. Other configurations are possible. Power is supplied from a powerful 700 Wh battery pack. It has automatic gear shifting, a Turbo Boost button and a special anti-theft bike locking system.

The VanMoof V will go on sale in early 2022 in the Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, USA and Japan for $ 3,498.