The infrastructure of the El Tejido gas plant in northern Venezuela has failed due to a terrorist attack, said Oil Minister and Vice President of Venezuela Tareck El Aissami.

“We want to announce to the national and international public about a new terrorist act against our main oil company, I mean PDVSA,”

the minister said in a voice message distributed on Twitter by the vice president’s office.

According to the official, the terrorist attack took place on Friday evening in El Tejero in the state of Monagas. The El Tejido operations center, which serves as a gas station, is located there. Information about the victims is not yet available.

El-Aissami noted that emergency protocols were used to restore the attacked infrastructure immediately. Repair teams are working on the site.

President Nicolas Maduro called the situation in the country an ongoing conspiracy against the lives of citizens and strategic industries: energy supply, oil production, and processing, as well as public services. In late October, the Amuay oil refinery, part of the Paraguana complex, was attacked, presumably by a missile launched from a drone or boat. According to Caracas, frequent sabotage objects are also the electrical networks and water pipes that serve oil refineries.