Victoria Beckham wrote an essay for Vogue Australia about the difficult school years and the importance of kindness. A former member of Spice Girls says she was a clumsy teenager, had few friends, and was bullied at school.

‘When I was at school, I was a clumsy teenager, I had few friends, and looking back at that time, I understand that I was bullied. I do not wish anyone to feel what I felt then. Therefore, when my daughter Harper went to school, I told her: “If you see a little girl sitting alone on the playground, invite her to play. Talk to her because your mom was once the same girl. ” “I want the children to understand that they are not alone if Harper is nearby,’ writes Victoria.

Wife of David Beckham believes that to be evil is now not cool and not fashionable.

‘Cool to be kind. The pandemic has made kindness even more important. Now everything is incomprehensible, everyone is nervous and afraid. It is our responsibility to protect our children and explain to them the importance of tolerance, mutual understanding, and support […] No matter where you are or who you are, everyone can be kinder. It does not cost anything, but it gives a wonderful feeling. And negativity requires a lot more energy, ‘ said Victoria.