Over the weekend, Dua Lipa shared her Twitter footage of a new photoshoot for the Libre fragrance by Parisian fashion house Yves Saint Laurent.

Filming took place in Mexico. As it turned out, on one of the working evenings, when the singer was leaving the building surrounded by fans, one of the fans tried to break through the guards to Dua Lipa. However, the girl has quickly pushed aside, and the door of the car, which the singer had just got into, was closed.

Earlier, Dua Lipa spoke about Britney Spears, who was pursued by crowds of paparazzi and fans at the height of her career, breaking all possible boundaries. One such incident drove Britney to a nervous breakdown.

“You walk down the street, and they follow you and try to catch you in the most unattractive way – such things are alarming, seriously. And in the days of Britney, there was no Instagram, tabloids published photos of the stars, and no laws were regulating the actions of the paparazzi – they could do absolutely everything,” said Dua Lipa.