The former home of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II — Villa Guardamangia — with the value of almost 6 million euro– is put up for an auction

MALTA – Villa is located in the suburbs of the capital Valletta — the only place outside Great Britain, which the Queen called her home. She lived there between 1949 and 1951 when she was still a Princess. Shortly before that, she married Prince Philip, who then served in the Royal Navy and was sent to Malta.

At the moment the building needs to be repaired.

The Villa has 1,560 square meters and was built in 1900. On its territory, there is a swimming pool, stables, places for guests and servants.

The Queen and Prince Philip lived there before her coronation. Prince Philip’s uncle rented the Villa then.

It is known that the Queen had good memories of the times when she lived in this Villa.

“It is always a pleasure to visit Malta. I still remember the happy days when after our wedding we lived here with Prince Philip,” she said during her visit to Malta in 2015.

Then the Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat gave to Elizabeth II watercolor painting of this Villa as a gift.

But now in Malta, there were disputes about the fate of the building. Everyone wants the building to be restored, but some demand that it should be done by the country’s government, while others support private donations.