The ticket price is $450 thousand.

The American company Virgin Galactic starts selling tickets for suborbital flights from February 16. This was announced on Tuesday by the company’s press service.

“Virgin Galactic announced today that it will begin selling tickets to the general public from February 16, providing an opportunity to purchase a reservation for one of the first flights,” the message says. The company expects that about 1 thousand people will purchase tickets by the start of flights this year. The ticket price is $450 thousand – $ 150 thousand. the future space traveler must pay immediately as a deposit, the remaining amount will need to be paid before the flight.

Earlier it was reported that about 700 people applied for a suborbital tour, celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie were among those who wanted to make the flight.

According to the company’s plans, commercial flights will begin at the end of 2022. This is due to the need to modernize the Eve carrier aircraft and the commissioning of the second spacecraft, called Imagine. It is assumed that from 2023, the already operating Unity and Imagine spacecraft will make three flights with tourists per month.

Unity made its first flight with four passengers on board, including Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson, on July 11, 2021. The carrier aircraft lifted the spacecraft to an altitude of about 15 km, after which the device separated and turned on its jet engine. Unity has reached an altitude of 86 km. NASA and the U.S. Air Force considers the boundary of space to be 80 km, although according to the classification of the International Aviation Federation it is located at an altitude of 100 km.

The passengers had a few minutes to unfasten their seat belts and experience a state of weightlessness. Then Unity planned and landed on the runway in New Mexico, like a regular plane. The entire flight – from Eve’s takeoff to landing – lasted about an hour. Virgin Galactic is just one of the private companies planning to engage in space tours: among its competitors are American Blue Origin and SpaceX.