Mobile operator Vodafone has begun developing mobile e-towers for the UK, powered by its own wind turbines and solar cells.

New universal towers, which will independently produce energy for themselves, can be located in remote areas that do not have access to power grids.

The company was involved in the creation of the towers in conjunction with Crossflow Energy, and the tests are organized together with Cornerstone – the latter specializes in mobile infrastructure solutions.

The new towers use wind, solar energy and batteries to operate, allowing for seamless operation, Vodafone said. Also, the wind turbines have been specially designed so as not to damage birds flying by – this is an important feature, since the devices are going to be placed in areas where there are many of them.

We are committed to improving rural communications, but our initiatives are not always easy to implement. Connecting towers to power grids can be a major challenge to achieve this goal, so making these facilities self-sufficient is a big step forward for us and the mobile industry.

Andrea Dona, Vodafone UK Representative

Now Vodafone, together with Crossflow Energy, have created sample towers, they are going to be installed in several places and tested to work. A pilot project will start by the end of 2021.

The mobile networks industry in the UK is going to cover 95% of the country’s territory with communications by 2025, and universal towers are just right for this program.