It is about ensuring the needs of Kiev in self-defense, said the special representative of Washington.

The United States will continue to supply weapons to Ukraine and will consult with Kiev on what means are needed. This was stated on Tuesday at a briefing for journalists by US special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker.

“Ukraine, like any other country in the world, has the right to self-defense,” he said, answering the question about further arms supplies. “The United States is ready to work with Ukraine in the same way as with other countries in the world, supporting their justified defense needs,” said Volker.

“As with many other countries, we will consult with Ukraine on what their legitimate needs are, we will see what funds we can provide. We are also open to the sale of weapons, that is, the purchase of military equipment by Ukraine from the United States,” US special representative added. “This is a normal interaction with the country developing its own defense potential,” he is convinced.

For the supply of military assistance to Ukraine, including defensive weapons of a lethal nature, in the fiscal year 2019, Washington pledged to allocate $250 million In the US budget for the current year for these purposes was allocated $200 million.