Volvo and Waymo, the Alphabet subsidiary, have agreed to jointly develop unmanned cars for passenger traffic. They want to make self-driving electric cars for robotax services. It is reported by Reuters.

Alphabet’s subsidiary Waymo will become Volvo’s exclusive global partner in the development of autonomous cars that can safely transport without driver intervention.

Waymo will help the automaker create a fourth-level autonomy system when it’s not necessary to have a person driving. The startup will work on AI for the “driver” software, and the car will also be equipped with cameras, lidars, radars, the agency said. Volvo will design and manufacture cars. The deal also extends to two sub-brands of Volvo – electric vehicle manufacturing company Polestar and China’s Lynk & Co.

Such “drones” can move independently, but in a limited area and in certain conditions, for example, only in good weather, the publication clarifies.

Volvo, owned by the Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co, has a separate car supply agreement for the Uber taxi company. Uber began testing cars in 2016, but in 2018, the company suspended trips after an accident in which a pedestrian died.

When the new car will be presented, it is not specified.