The country’s foreign minister noted that “the PRC is an independent sovereign state that has every right to take all necessary measures to protect its legitimate rights.”

China will firmly defend its national sovereignty against the backdrop of increasing U.S. pressure and is ready to take all possible measures for this. This statement was made on Monday by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

“The United States is trying to form its own bloc to increase pressure on China,” he said, speaking at a press conference during two sessions of the country’s top advisory and legislative bodies. “China is an independent sovereign state; we have every right to take all necessary measures to protect our legitimate rights.”

According to the minister, Beijing does not seek rivalry with Washington, as it considers such a strategy a “relic of the past.” He also noted that recently the United States “has been acting irresponsibly in the international arena.”

“China and the United States should interact on an equal basis, respecting each other, <…> promote the harmonious and stable development of bilateral relations,” Wang Yi summed up.