Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed to resume dialogue on the eve of the meeting in Japan.

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he had a “very good” conversation on the phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to Trump, the US and Chinese leaders agreed to hold trade talks next week, when the leaders of the world’s largest economies will meet in Osaka, Japan, at the G20 summit.

As reported by the Chinese state news Agency “Xinhua,” XI during a conversation with Trump stressed the importance of dialogue between the two largest world economies, adding that both countries can lose in the event of a trade war.

“The main thing here is to pay attention to the justified fears of each other. We also hope that the US will treat Chinese companies fairly. I agree that the economic and trade teams of both countries communicate in order to resolve differences,” Xi Jinping said.

Trump tweeted about “a very good telephone conversation with Chinese President XI.” He added that “the respective teams will start (preliminary) negotiations before our meeting.”

Trade negotiations between the US and China have frozen a few weeks ago – at a time when the final version of the trade agreement was almost agreed. Washington accused Beijing of derogating from the provisions of the Treaty, which both parties have already agreed, although China denied this version of events.