On March 9, Watch Dogs: Legion will receive a free update that will add an online mode to the game. In the new video, Ubisoft told what awaits the players.

Watch Dogs: Legion: Online works as a mode independent of the story campaign, so the adventure in the online world will have to start from scratch. Gamers will find themselves in a new area of ​​London, where they will recruit recruits and pump their skills. For recruitment, “influence points” will be spent, which are earned for completing tasks, improving other operatives, as well as for obtaining seasonal ranks.

All of this can be done alone, but Watch Dogs: Legion: Online will also add co-op missions. They are designed for a team of two to four people, and according to Ubisoft, require a well-coordinated work. Difficulties are also added by the fact that with the death of one participant, the whole team will have to start from the last checkpoint.

Ubisoft did not specify whether there will be matchmaking in co-op missions, but noted the presence of built-in voice chat. Let’s hope it’s better than The Division 2.

For those looking for a less thoughtful gameplay, Ubisoft has prepared Spiderbot Arena, a multiplayer shooter in which players control spider bots.