Following the release of “No Time to Die” in September 2021, the James Bond franchise will have to move on without a lead actor. In this case, a change in the tone of the story is inevitable – a good chance to attract a new audience. But for this, you will have to correct the mistake made earlier.

The franchise about the most famous special agent is built in such a way that the films are connected to each other and not. On the one hand, there are recurring plot threads and characters, and historical events follow one another in chronological order.

On the other hand, each film is an independent work. But there is one convention: James Bond does not age, which means a regular change of actors. Also, it doesn’t allow for giving the character a specific backstory.

If in the new film it is shown in what conditions Bond grew up, the audience will be confused, this story applies only to the character of Daniel Craig. All this makes it difficult to make the hero really deep.

Each of the actors who played Bond brought something of their own into the image. Craig was able to reveal his dark side, making his character ambiguous, but the years go by and this decision no longer looks fresh. Viewers are accustomed to being a lone agent, so the creators of the next films will have to invent something new.

One of the solutions could be a spin-off showing how the recruitment of young candidates for MI6 takes place. Another option is to let the characters of the cross-cutting characters played by the same actors unfold better.