Tesla introduced the Model Y car in March last year, deliveries to customers started on March 13, 2020, so it’s time to consider the difference between the Tesla Model Y electric car and Model 3, these models are the cheapest in the Tesla lineup. But before that, let’s generally understand what kind of cars the Tesla lineup consists of. The company offers us: Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y. Have you ever thought about how these models differ? For example, I do not. But now we will figure it out. Model S is a luxury sedan, expensive big and fast. Model 3 – the cheapest model of the company, a budget sedan, you can say “homeless cars”. Model X is a sophisticated crossover, an analogue of the BMW X5, and besides, it is the most expensive in the line, but Model Y, in my opinion, the most interesting option is a crossover that is comparable in price to a cheap Model 3, but in all respects superior to him.

Tesla Model Y looks both a family car and a youth car at the same time

Why did Tesla decide to release this model?

Firstly, the company did not have a cheap crossover, and secondly, in the world – and especially in the USA, and in Russia – it is crossovers that are becoming increasingly popular, and Model Y in this matter due to new technologies and relatively low cost can Become probably the most successful Tesla product.

The crossover is more capacious than an ordinary sedan, it has more space for cargo, higher ground clearance and better visibility. At the same time, in terms of dimensions, the crossover takes up as much space on the road and parking as an ordinary sedan.

Tesla Model X is such a cool car that even Hollywood stars are not afraid to use it in the clips. Model Y is the budget version of Model X, this makes the car even more classy, ​​because outwardly the differences between X and Y you are unlikely to notice, unless of course the Model X has rear doors open. They open at her top, this mechanism is called the “gull wing”.

Model X doors are called

The pluses of Tesla cars also are that they have special filters that allow you to activate the “Biological Weapon Protection Mode”. In this mode, the car protects passengers from viruses, bacteria, mold and pollen from entering the passenger compartment. Thus, Tesla can easily navigate through Wuhan, which has become the source of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Before comparing Model Y and Model 3, there’s one more thing to understand. Tesla sells 3 modifications of its cars:

  • Regular version
  • “Long Range” – a version that differs in increased mileage from a single charge, increased power and improved acceleration
  • The perfomance version, it can differ from “Long Range” with improved acceleration (it uses 2 times more engines than the standard model), power and reduced distance that the car is able to travel from one battery charge. Performance versions can easily overtake Ferrari and Lamborghini.
  • A few words worth mentioning about the engines. The standard versions use one engine and one drive, while the Long Range and Performance versions use two four-wheel drive engines.

Features of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla model 3

Tesla Model 3

  • The basic version – acceleration to 100 in 5.3 seconds, max. speed 225 km / h, cruising range 402 km
  • “Long Range” – version: acceleration to 100 in 4.4 seconds, max. speed 233 km / h, cruising range 518 km
  • “Performance” – version: acceleration to 100 in 3.2 seconds, max. speed 233 km / h, cruising range 518 km

Tesla model Y

Tesla model Y

  • Basic version – will be available in spring 2021
  • “Long Range” – version: acceleration to 100 in 4.8 seconds, max. speed 217 km / h, range 508 km
  • “Performance” – version: acceleration to 100 in 3.5 seconds, max. speed 233 km / h, range 507 km

First of all, Model Y is a crossover, so its main difference is precisely in size. Model Y in size is only slightly inferior to Model X. However, it is worth noting that Model X costs about $100,000, while the “Long Range” version of Model Y can be bought for only $53,000, the version with increased power (Performance) will cost at 61,000, which is also not bad.

Unfortunately, the cheapest – regular – modification will only begin to be sold in the spring of 2021 at a price of $39,000, which will make the car even more attractive compared to Model 3. But we must remember that Model 3 was offered in the US for $35,000, but then this offer was removed from Tesla.com

Model 3 is still the cheapest electric car company. On the official website, a car can be purchased for $ 40,000, while the BMW 430i, which can be compared with Model 3, is sold in the United States at a price of $44,000. Of course, the difference is not big, and, probably, sports car lovers will choose BWM, however, Tesla is about technology. The competitor of Model Y can be called the BMW X3, the devices have similar dimensions, but it is worth noting that the X3 is priced at 42 thousand dollars, which makes it a more interesting option for those who want to save.

Dimensions Model Y

Model Y is a compact crossover. In size, it is much larger than the Model 3 sedan, and this despite the fact that it is built on the basis of Model 3 (75% of the components of these cars are common):

The car luggage carriers are much larger than those available in Model 3. Yes, electric cars do not have a motor, which means there are two luggage carriers. Model Y offers 1.5 cubic meters of luggage space compared to 0.14 cubic meters of Model 3. Model Y has 3 rear seats, and now they can also be folded with buttons inside the trunk, in Model 3 they can only be folded through the handles on the rear seats. In addition, if in Model 3 they were folded in a 60/40 ratio (two or one seat), in the case of Model Y, each seat can be individually folded, including the center one.

The seats in Model Y are very similar to those used in Model 3, but they are mounted on special racks, which makes the landing much higher. Legroom in Y for rear passengers increased by 15%, and for front passengers by 2%. The distance above the head in Model Y is almost the same as in Model 3 – the difference is 1-2%.

Features Model Y

Dimension Comparison Model Y and Model 3

Model Y can offer its owners a panoramic roof for both front and rear passengers. In the new model, the company additionally placed a gasket inside the front hood lid to prevent water from entering the front trunk. Many cars scolded for the lack of additional mechanical handles for opening doors for rear passengers in the event that the car battery is dead. Model Y fixed the problem – now all passengers in an emergency can open the doors of the car.

In Model Y, under the front screen, there is wireless charging for a smartphone, which is not in Model 3. In addition, under the charge is a Type-A and Type-C port, while in Model 3 there were only two Type-A ports. Rear passengers instead of two Type-A ports received two Type-C ports. The minus of Model Y can be called an increased turning radius (in Model 3 – 11.8 meters, in Y – 12.1 meters).

A few words are worth saying about the wheels. In Model Y, they became noticeably wider, this will allow the car to stay on the road and enter corners better, and at the same time in Model Y they noticeably improved mileage from a single charge (up to 508 kilometers), in Model 3 the basic version is able to travel only 402 kilometers (price 39,000 dollars). Which, however, is also not bad. And, probably, it would be more correct to compare Model Y with the “Long Range” – version of Model 3, which is capable of driving 518 kilometers from a single charge and is priced at 49 thousand dollars. In this case, of course, Model 3 looks more attractive.

Most likely, Tesla will change the prices for Model 3 by the time the cheap version of Model Y enters the market.

What to buy: Tesla Model Y or Model 3?

Today, consumers are increasingly choosing crossovers, because it is a convenient type of body. And the version with Model Y in comparison with Model 3 seems more attractive, it is something between a full-size crossover and a regular sedan, and this is its plus. It is compact enough to be able to conveniently navigate through the narrow city streets, and, meanwhile, it is not so small and perfect for a large family. Model Y is an ideal car for practical people who want to be in trend and sometimes like to go outdoors. Model Y may be the most successful Tesla car due to its high ground clearance.