In the UK, a Space Command appeared as part of the Royal Air Force.

According to the British Minister for Defense Procurement, Jeremy Quin, the unit was created to protect the interests of the country and its allies in space.

“As our opponents develop their space capabilities, it is vital for us to invest in space to ensure that we have an advantage in the fight in this rapidly developing area. The creation of the Space Command is an important step in our desire to work effectively in space,” he said.

The headquarters of the Space Command is located west of London, in the city of High Wycombe.

The United Kingdom, after leaving the European Union, clearly follows in the wake of the United States.

The country is not a space power, but it is eager to participate in the arms race that Washington has started since the United States officially recognizes space as a sphere used for conducting military operations. Britain wants to be one of the first, after the United States, to become a country that joins the space arms race.

Today, the United States has a Boeing X-37-an aircraft that can carry up to six atomic bombs and deliver cargo into space. That is, the Americans, accusing us of an arms race in space, are themselves quietly deploying systems capable of delivering nuclear weapons and laser, beam, and kinetic types of weapons. The UK, of course, wants to participate in this program. But this is extremely dangerous. And the saddest thing is that Russian initiatives on the peaceful development of outer space are ignored.