The new documentary “Diana” revealed the details of Lady Di’s life.

Touchdown Films has released a new documentary dedicated to the queen of human hearts – Princess Diana. The painting is based on exclusive archival materials and letters from her friends.

A close friend of the Duchess of Wales and royal journalist Richard Kay gave a candid interview in which he recounted the details of their last conversation. Police officers said that it was Richard who became the last interlocutor of Diana, reports the portal The Mirror.

“I spoke to her that night. She was desperately trying to start over,” Kay says about the conversation with the princess.

The reporter also said that on the last night of her life, Princess Diana most of all wanted to see “her boys” – William and Harry.

On Diana’s 60th birthday, Princes William and Harry will meet to honor their mother and to unveil a monument in honor of the princess at Kensington Palace. Harry’s arrival, however, is still in question.
In 1997, Princess Diana was involved in a car accident. Due to her injuries, the princess died.