White hackers hack bitcoin wallets if their owners have forgotten their passwords

White hackers Chris Brooks and Charlie Brooks, father, and son, will help crypto investors who have forgotten the password to their bitcoin wallets.

To date, about 18.6 million bitcoins mined, or 20% of the total, are in wallets, passwords to which have been lost. This is approximately $ 140 billion.

Many of the bitcoins believed to be lost is indeed lost, but not irrevocably. We found that about 2.5% of the lost bitcoins can still be recovered, which is approximately $ 3.2 billion.

Chris Brooks, white hacker

Chris Brooks is a computer developer and lives in New Hampshire. He and his 20-year-old son Charlie advise aspiring cryptocurrency investors to keep their funds safe.

Otherwise, you will need to hack your bitcoin wallet. Chris Brooks notes that this is easier than it sounds, although you need to have a good understanding of how people choose passwords, as well as patience when going through possible combinations. The more information a person provides about himself, the easier it will be, he notes. Then the hackers choose the most likely list of account passwords and start trying.

Password guessing is successful in about 27% of cases. If everything goes well, then the hackers take 20% of the amount on the wallet.

Father and son announced plans to create a self-service platform to help people access their wallets without the need for middlemen and do it at a lower cost.

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