Donald Trump is concerned about the increase in violence in major US cities.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic remains the focus of the administration of Donald Trump. However, the President is also concerned about addressing other pressing issues, particularly the fight against organized crime and the increase in violence on the streets of cities mostly run by democratic mayors. This was stated at a briefing on Thursday by Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary.

When asked by a journalist who suggested that the pandemic “is not seen as a major public priority of the President,” McEnany disagreed with this statement.

“The President pays a lot of attention to the pandemic. COVID-19 is what we are focused on, and it’s the top priority of the administration. This is why the working group meets. We are taking all these steps, but there are other things that the President should pay attention to,” McEnany said.

According to the White House Press Secretary, Trump is concerned that the Democrats who run the most significant American cities cannot take control of the shooting and violence happening on the streets. McEnany mentioned Chicago mayor Laurie Lightfoot in this regard: “People are dying on the streets of her city every weekend, and the President wrote her a letter saying that she must secure her city.”

“The President is focusing on COVID, his top priority; he is focusing on violence on the streets. It does a lot of things at the same time. And this is a remarkable quality of the Trump administration,” McEnany said.

McEnany also criticized today’s statement by Larry Hogan, the Governor of Maryland, who is a member of the Republican Party. Hogan said that President Trump left the States alone in the fight against the pandemic and accused the President of not listening to the opinions of medical experts.

A White House spokeswoman called Hogan’s statement “revisionist,” Recalling that as early as March 19, the Maryland Governor praised trump’s “excellent communication” with governors in the fight against the pandemic.

One of the questions asked during today’s briefing related to accusations from the US, Canada, and the UK against Russia, which tried to steal data on the COVID-19 vaccine using hackers.
“We are working very closely with our allies to take steps to secure this data, and we continue to do so, and we are aware of such attempts,” McEnany said.