According to Jen Psaki, Western countries will consider that they have succeeded in negotiations with Moscow only after a real de-escalation of the situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border.

The United States and its allies in the EU and NATO believe that only a full-scale de-escalation of the situation by Moscow will be a successful solution to the crisis in relations between the West and Russia in connection with the build-up of military power at the Ukrainian border. This was announced on Tuesday by White House press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“I think many of our European partners and NATO allies will consider de-escalation a success; de-escalation confirmed by [evidence] on the border of Ukraine, to which Russian troops were pulled; when [the Russians] make it clear to the entire world community, the media, the public that they will not invade Ukraine and will back it up with actions,” Psaki said, speaking at a press briefing at the White House.

The White House press secretary did not confirm reports that Russia could have been involved in cyberattacks against Ukrainian banks and the Ministry of Defense.

“I can only say that we are in touch with the Ukrainians, our allies and partners, working with them to deter malicious cyber activity and respond to it. We have also been warning for several weeks and months, both publicly and communicating with Ukrainians, as well as with our European partners, about the possibility of Russia conducting cyber operations against Ukraine,” Psaki said.

Responding to a request to comment on the rapprochement between the positions of Moscow and Beijing that has intensified in recent weeks, Psaki warned of the obvious fact that “China is not able to compensate Russia for their economic losses” in the event of tough sanctions from the West.

“Our common point of view is that if Russia decides to act in the same spirit, it will cost China how it will look in the eyes of Europe and the whole world, and this is what they should think about. In this case, we are trying to prevent a war. That’s why we publish information and interact with the world community,” Psaki said.