It is necessary that platforms are not used as forums for disinformation, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stressed.

The U.S. administration is calling on American companies that own social networks to actively fight disinformation. This was stated on Tuesday at a regular briefing by White House press Secretary Jen Psaki, commenting on the news about the possibility of restoring the access of the previous American President Donald Trump to Twitter.

“I would say that the decision on who is allowed or not to be present on its platforms is made by a company operating in the private sector,” said the official representative of the current head of the U.S. administration. “Speaking in general,” Psaki continued, “I would like to note that our efforts, of course, are aimed at ensuring that freedom of speech is protected throughout the country, as well as at ensuring that these platforms are not used as forums for disinformation.”

“And we have seen this. Not only on Twitter, but also on Facebook,” the spokeswoman stressed. According to her, Joe Biden, representing the U.S. Democratic Party, is convinced “that more needs to be done” to reform those provisions of national legislation that exempt social networks from administrative responsibility for posting third-party content. “And there is a great bipartisan interest in this. So we are talking [in the case of Trump], perhaps, about a reminder of the urgency of this,” Psaki added.