The World Health Organization needs $ 31.3 billion to develop programs to develop and distribute COVID-19 tests, vaccines, and drugs by the end of 2021, according to a statement released by the WHO international partnership to accelerate the development of tools to combat the new coronavirus ACT-Accelerator.

The art Accelerator was created by WHO on April 24 in collaboration with the European Union, France, and the bill and Melinda gates Foundation. As of the end of June, the program has already received $ 3.4 billion in financial assistance.

“The plans presented today are estimated at $ 31.3 billion to Fund diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines, of which $ 3.4 billion have been promised to date. Thus, another $ 27.9 billion is needed, including $ 13.7 billion to meet immediate needs,” the statement said.

As noted, the who program expects to use this money to accelerate development, increase supplies and distribute 500 million tests for COVID 19 somewhat by mid-2021, conduct 245 million courses of treatment for the virus also by the middle of next year and purchase two billion doses of vaccines, of which one billion will be bought by the end of 2021.