A suspect in the January riots on Capitol Hill in Washington was caught thanks to the dating app Bumble, CNN reported.

According to him, 32-year-old Andrew Taake from Houston (Texas) communicated in a dating app while on January 6 in the American capital. His interlocutor asked if he was near the Capitol, to which he replied that he had been there “from the very beginning.” To confirm his words, the man sent several selfies, noting that he spent 30 minutes in the building.

A few days later, the Texan’s interlocutor reported information about him to the FBI, the TV channel notes. According to screenshots of the chat in Bumble, Such a person claimed that he was “standing peacefully” in the Capitol; however, according to a statement on the website of the US Department of Justice, cameras captured Taake’s participation in attacks on law enforcement officers. The man has been charged with some charges, including assaulting the police.

The TV channel emphasizes that this is the second case when a suspect in connection with the January storming of the Capitol comes to the attention of the authorities thanks to an online acquaintance. In April, the Justice Department indicted New Yorker Robert Chapman, who boasted in Bumble that he “stormed the Capitol.” Chapman’s interlocutor wrote in response that they “do not fit each other,” and appealed to the FBI with screenshots of the conversation.