As noted in the organization, preliminary data also indicate a decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines against a new variant of coronavirus.

The Omicron strain has advantages over the Delta strain in terms of growth, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The organization announced this on Sunday.

WHO bases this conclusion “on the limited information currently available.” The Omicron variant “spreads faster than the Delta variant in South Africa, where the circulation of the Delta strain was low.” However, “it appears to be spreading faster than Delta, also in other countries” where the number of cases of infection with the Delta strain is higher, such as the UK.

Preliminary data also indicate a “decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines against infection and spread” of the Omicron strain, the WHO stated. Experts believe it is likely that Omicron will surpass the Delta option where there is transmission of [coronavirus] within the community.”

The organization’s newsletter notes that “as of December 9, 2021, cases of human infection with this variant [of coronavirus] were detected in 63 states of all six WHO regions.”

At the same time, experts pay attention to the limited amount of information about the severity of the disease when infected with omicron. Preliminary data obtained from South Africa suggest that the disease may be less severe than when infected with the Delta strain, since most cases of the disease in this country are “mild or asymptomatic.” At the same time, the WHO emphasizes: “It remains unclear to what extent Omicron can be inherently less virulent.” In this regard, experts consider it necessary to obtain additional information in order to “understand the profile of its severity.”