Why Increased Police Presence on the Streets is Essential

Areas and streets are evolving and changing. Sometimes the process of change is positive or negative. When change is positive, it will affect everyone’s life. For example, when streets and roads feel safer, more people will use them, including those from outside the local area. Positive changes can be brought about through an increased police presence in tough areas or those areas that are perhaps less than appealing due to neglect or lack of infrastructure and funding.

Establishing and Maintaining a Presence

When streets and areas feel a little bit rough around the edges, then a strong police presence must be established and maintained. When a presence can be both seen and felt. You will see that criminals, or those with less than good intentions, will be deterred. Establishing and maintaining a presence will not happen overnight. It will take at least a few weeks, if not a few months, to establish a presence. However, once this stance and position are established, shown, and maintained, it will act as a deterrent.

Promoting and Increasing Public Confidence

There will be times, and occasions, when the public lacks confidence in the police. Perhaps there has been an incident, an accident, or even an occurrence, which they feel was not handled as well as it could have been. If the public do not hold a lot of respect for a strong police presence, then you will be fighting a losing battle, to begin with. Getting the public on the side of the police, raising public confidence, and reassuring the general public, will work towards increasing and maintaining the public’s confidence. When the public feels confident enough to go about their everyday lives with ease and enjoyment, you know the policing efforts and the policing system is effective. Promoting and increasing public confidence will take time, but with perseverance and consistency within policing, results should be noticed in a timely manner

Policing Will Improve People’s Lives

When there is an increased police presence on the streets, people will feel safer. People will find it easier to do what they love and enjoy, and they will feel more confident getting out and about. Improving people’s lives is a priority because when individuals’ lives are improved, they can then focus on helping others and creating a community that is strong and determined in the process. When people feel that the police are supportive and that they are on their side, nothing will get in their way, and nothing will hold them back. Empowerment in citizens of all ages is what good policing will look like.

Modelling Good and Positive Behavior            

When police are seen and their presence is felt, better behavior from citizens and local residents will be the outcome. Police officers are seen as positive influences to those within a community, and when good behavior is seen, it can be copied and replicated. Good and positive policing that creates role models is something that can be learned. Becoming a police officer and studying for an online BA in policing will provide you with the knowledge and the skills required to become a role model in local communities.Being a role model and modeling positive behavior will lead to friendlier and more harmonious communities.

Proactive and Not Just Reactive

When foot patrols and vehicle patrols are introduced regularly and maintained, the general public and local communities will see that police officers are proactive, not just reactive to situations. Reactive policing will not help improve people’s lives, and it will not help cut down crime levels. However, proactive action and proactive policing, such as an increased police presence on the streets, will benefit moving forward. When a proactive stance can be introduced and maintained, you can improve public confidence, strengthen weaker communities’, and bring unity to any area.

Show That Resources from Taxes are Being Utilized and Deployed Correctly

Quite often, taxpayers will question where their hard-earned money is going and, most importantly, what it is being spent on. When a police presence can be seen, and when it can be seen to be increasing over time, the general public will feel reassured. They will feel reassured that their funds are being spent wisely and that their tax is being deployed correctly. Investing in policing and showing communities that investments are being made in an increased or heightened police presence will provide them with reassurance, and it will leave them feeling safe and secure, especially if they are overcoming incidents that may have left the whole area community shaken up.

Deterrent to Criminals

When an increased police presence is seen and felt, you should see that crime numbers decrease. Criminals will be deterred from committing crimes if they feel they are more likely to be seen and caught. Deterring criminals is much better than catching criminals and building a strong police force and a strong police presence will help overcome this. Increasing a police presence will signal to any criminal thinking about committing a crime that it is just not worth it. The would-be offender or criminal will quickly realize that it is not something that they can or will get away with (no matter how minor they feel it is)

To Promote Positivity with Local Areas and Communities

Times can be tough for some local communities, especially those who face poor behavior or increased crime rates. Lack of positivity and lack of vision can lead other citizens within the community to enter the same downward spiral or vicious cycle as the criminals they once detested. To ensure that positivity is built and maintained, a strong police presence must be introduced and increased accordingly. Well-known areas and communities must be a target area for police officers simply because, if they are left to their own devices, these areas will get worse, and eventually, sometimes very quickly, criminals will then begin to infiltrate other areas. If a police presence is felt, it will stop or block criminal activity from occurring even in the slightest capacity.

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