Wildfires have started in California and Texas. In Arizona, smoke from wildfires stretches over the Sonoran Desert. Firefighters are trying to save the forest, but their efforts have so far had little effect.

It is reported that the wave of extreme heat again, as in 2020, hit the southwestern part of the United States. On Saturday, June 19, it became known that the power supply systems in California and Texas were on the verge of collapse due to extremely hot weather. California electricity suppliers have asked the public to save energy and turn on air conditioners less often. Emily Kirkland, head of the Phoenix-based Progress Arizona community organization, told Reuters that Arizona was experiencing “an apocalyptic atmosphere with record-breaking heat and smoke from wildfires.”

The US National Weather Service warns that temperatures could exceed +39 degrees Celsius in five states: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and parts of Colorado.