Jada Pinkett Smith is not only an actress but also a TV presenter for a Facebook show called Red Table Talk. She decided to make in the public field rumors circulating her marriage. Namely, to answer the messages of the singer Augustus Alsina, who on June 30 stated that several years ago he had an affair with Jada Pinkett Smith. Representatives of both actors negatively commented on this interview, calling it “an absolute lie.”

Jada admitted that 4 and a half years ago she had a relationship with Augustus – and that this happened at the moment when she and her husband decided to pause the relationship:

‘Between us then it was all over. And then I plunged into a completely different relationship with August … I also want to comment on the rumors that you(Will Smith) supposedly gave your consent to this, although only one person can give such consent in this situation – I. I think Augustus tried to convey to everyone the fact that he did not destroy someone else’s marriage, and that our separation from you was mutual.’

Jada also said that she plunged into a new romance trying to become happier, but in the end, she found herself after breaking up with Alsina – and then she realized that she wanted to return to her husband.

‘We tried all possible ways to get away from each other – but in the end, we realized that this was impossible … And yes, I hadn’t talked with Augustus for a long time.’

The episode with the spouses appeared on the Facebook platform on Friday evening, and already on Saturday set a record: the episode with Jada and Will became the most-watched in the first 24 hours in the history of the social network, and over 2 million users watched it in the first hour.