Microsoft has updated the beta version of Windows 11. The Neowin publication reports this.

Windows 11 has become available to users of the Insider Preview digital product testing program. The build named 22000.160 contains several bug fixes and some new features. One of the main updates was the updated application “Alarm Clocks and clocks,” which is now called “Clock.” The built-in program includes the Focus Timer option, allowing users to set a timer for performing various tasks and concentrating on the workflow.

Also, the function for estimating the remaining time when downloading updates was changed in the new build. Microsoft engineers have removed this option for computers with hard drives, leaving it active on PCs with solid-state drives. The company said that all Windows 11 users would receive the function when several errors in its operation are fixed.

The authors noted that the new version of the OS still has not added the ability to launch Android applications. “We can only guess whether this feature will appear by the autumn release of Windows 11,” the journalists wondered.

Some problems have been fixed in the new build; a list of them is available on the Microsoft website. In particular, we fixed a problem related to the flickering of the taskbar, the problem of displaying widgets, and a crash that could have caused localization settings to be deleted.

The release of the new version of Windows 11 coincided with the release of the first version of the operating system for a clean installation. Using the ISO image available on the Microsoft website, you can install an early version of the OS and get acquainted with the updated interface and options. The full version of Windows 11 will be available before the end of the year.