Enthusiasts continue to experiment with installing the Windows 11 operating system on older Xiaomi flagships. This time, they managed to run the OS on a smartphone announced in 2017.

For work, we used the assembly of Windows 11 on ARM along with the EDK2 UEFI Firmware software for the Snapdragon 835 mobile processor. It is possible to call the operating system on the Xiaomi Mi 6 a workable one, but with a stretch. The OS is loaded in about a minute, and when you open the windows, the smartphone often thinks for a few seconds.

Note that Xiaomi Mi 6 is far from the first old flagship of the Chinese company, which managed to install the Windows 11 operating system. Recently, enthusiasts did this on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 of the same year of release, and even earlier got to Xiaomi Mi 8, which last spring turned three years old.