The storm, stretching from Texas to New England, brought snow, ice and frosty weather.

The U.S. National Weather Service reported a powerful winter storm that stretched for more than 3,200 kilometers, from southwest Texas to Maine, and brought with it ice, snow and frost, affecting more than 110 million people.

According to forecasters, the storm will bring snow and freezing rain to the states of the Midwest and the South of the United States, where temperatures are expected to be significantly below average.

Heavy snowfall is expected in areas from the southern Rocky Mountains to northern New England. At the same time, strong ice formation is likely from Texas to Pennsylvania.

According to the monitoring group Poweroutage.US more than 115 thousand people in Tennessee, 70 thousand in Texas and more than 24 thousand in Arkansas were left without electricity.

Outages are mainly associated with the accumulation of ice.

The storm affected air transportation. According to the website, 5,500 flights were canceled, another 3,300 were delayed, with many of them concentrated in Texas.