A boy with three penises was born in the Iraqi city of Dahuk. This is the first recorded case of Triphalia in history.

Diphallia – the presence of two penises – occurs in about one case per 5-6 million newborns, and for the first time such a disease was described back in 1609. However, a boy from Iran was found to have as many as three penises.

His parents brought him to the hospital when the baby was three months old. They thought that their child had an inflammation of the scrotum, writes the NY Post. However, upon examination, the doctors realized that he was growing two more members. None of them had a urethra, and therefore the doctors removed the extra genitals. A year later, the boy’s examination showed no complications after the operation – now he is doing well.

Because of what the boy has grown two more members – is unknown. The pregnancy was proceeding normally, the mother did not take drugs, as doctors initially suggested, and there were no genetic mutations in the family.

“To our knowledge, this is the first reported case of three penises or triphallia,” wrote Dr Shakir Salim Jabali in a study published in the International Journal of Surgery. The birth of a child with three members was previously reported in India, but this information cannot be confirmed as the case was not documented in medical journals.