The world’s first car charging station, powered by the tides of the sea, opens on Yell Island in Scotland.

Next to the bus station, a storage point for batteries has been set up. The project was funded by the state agency Transport Scotland.

The charging point is powered by a four-turbine Nova Innovation Shetland Tidal Array, located between Yell and Unst Islands.

The company that installed the station calls it the first in history. This is one of the steps to reduce the number of internal combustion engines. The turbines installed underwater have been powering homes and businesses on the islands for over five years.

It is gratifying to see how tidal technology is being used to decarbonize a portion of Scotland’s transport sector on the islands. Our country is well positioned to continue developing this technology that will help reduce emissions and create skilled, green jobs.

Fabrice Leveque, Head of Policy, Wildlife Fund Scotland

The station is part of the government’s program to reduce internal combustion engine vehicles on the country’s roads.