Xiaomi explains why the CyberDog robot dog is so cheap

Recently, Xiaomi unexpectedly presented its first robot dog CyberDog, which should compete with the Spot from Boston Dynamics. At the presentation, many details were not disclosed, so the vice president of the company, Chang Cheng, shared interesting details on social networks.

As it turned out, CyberDog emerged as a small project of Xiaomi engineers, which they were engaged in in their free time. After that, the leaders paid attention to him and invested money in the development. After all, such robots have great potential – for example, they can be used in the service sector, engineering, security and medicine.

In addition, the device uses the latest technological solutions such as machine vision, which provides navigation and detects obstacles, recognition of voice commands using AI and other technologies that can later be applied to smartphones and smart home devices.

But for now, it is still a research product that continues to improve. Therefore, he received open source software: this way developers can contribute and expand the functionality of the robot. For the same reason, CyberDog has a low price tag – only $ 1,540. In comparison, Spot costs about $ 75,000. That is, Xiaomi gives the robot not only at cost, but also at a loss.

Well, as a bonus, the company showed a short video starring CyberDog. To the camera, he does a back somersault – however, for some reason this moment is not shown to the end.

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