Xiaomi is developing a new technology for recharging mobile devices. Information about the system was published on the website of the China’s National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

Xiaomi suggests using sound waves to recharge gadgets. The charging station will contain a special generator of acoustic vibrations that can be picked up by the receiver of a device, say, a smartphone. Further, the sound waves will be converted into electric current to replenish the battery’s energy reserve.

It is curious that the charging station itself can be equipped with various converters to obtain energy from the environment. This can be, for example, solar panels.

However, so far the unusual technology exists only on paper. Unfortunately, nothing has been announced about Xiaomi’s plans to create a prototype of the system.

We add that earlier Xiaomi demonstrated the Air Charge wireless charging system: it can charge several devices at the same time at a distance of up to several meters.