Recently, smartphone manufacturers have continued to improve charging technologies. And among the first to innovate is Xiaomi, which has already increased the power of wired charging to 200 W, and wireless – to 120 W with its HyperCharge technology. Now the company is developing wireless charging for foldable devices.

The Chinese tech giant has applied for a patent entitled “Wireless charging method and device, folding screen electronic equipment, storage media.” True, this happened back in January, but only now the patent was issued with the publication number CN113098152A and discovered on CNIPA.

The documentation does not indicate any charging features or images of the charger itself, but its operation is described. So, fast wireless charging will be able to charge the gadget both unfolded and folded, and from either side. That is, both halves of the case support wireless charging.

In addition, the device first initiates communication with the smartphone in order to obtain a supported type of charging. This will be useful, for example, to improve the efficiency of the wireless charger and to shorten the full charge time.

Keep in mind that this is only a patent for now. But given the growing popularity of foldable smartphones, it is possible that it will still be brought to life.