Recently, fitness tracker manufacturer Xiaomi Mi Band – Huami has confirmed that the new Mi Band 6 has already been launched into mass production. Now the first “live” snapshot of the novelty has appeared on the network.

The photo was found in one of the documents in the section “EU Declaration of Conformity” on the Xiaomi website. And although the gadget appears simply as a Smart Band, the file name “Mi_SmartBand_6-XMSH15HM” clearly indicates that this is Mi Band 6 (or Mi Smart Band 6 for the international market).

Unfortunately, the bracelet is shown only from the side, but accompanied by charging. It’s magnetic, just like last year’s Mi Band 5.

Recall that the Mi Band 6 is credited with an enlarged display, as many as 30 sports modes, support for the voice assistant Alexa, a sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels and the ability to respond to messages. It is not worth waiting for a new model in the near future, since its predecessor made its debut only in June.