Xiaomi continues to face issues with its flagship Mi 11 smartphones.

The MIUI update released some time ago led to the appearance of bugs on many Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones, including users complaining about the Snapdragon 888 processor overheating on the Xiaomi Mi 11 flagships, which is already characterized by an increased temperature.

As a result, the developers released the MIUI update, which should fix the problem. But after that, the owners of gadgets from China reported that the update, although it eliminated overheating, added a new problem. Apparently, Xiaomi took the easy route and just cut the performance of the chip.

Now games periodically lag, and the frame rate drops even in the interface. Users are outraged by this situation and demand urgently to correct the situation. It looks like we should wait for a new update in the near future and hope that it does not bring any more problems.