The Finance Minister stressed that the war unleashed by Moscow against Ukraine has a negative impact on the whole world.

Finance Minister Janet Yellen said on Thursday that the war unleashed by Russian President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine is causing negative consequences around the world and that Russian officials will have no place at the G20 meeting this week.

Speaking at a press conference held on the sidelines of a meeting of representatives of G20 financial departments, Yellen called on the international community to hold Russia accountable for the unleashed war, among the consequences of which are sharp changes in energy prices and reduced food security.

Yellen did not answer the question whether she would leave after the speech of Russian officials, as she and other Western leaders did in April during the last such meeting in Washington.

The Finance Minister stressed, however, that she would condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “in the strongest possible way.”

“I think I made it clear that Russia’s participation in these meetings cannot remain routine,” she said, adding that she expects a meeting with the Finance Minister of Ukraine.

According to Yellen, she will continue to insist on limiting prices for Russian oil, which, according to her, will help lower energy prices and preserve global oil flows after European and possibly British and American sanctions on the transportation of Russian oil come into force.